For established firms that need to borrow more than DKK 1 million in order to implement their plans for expansion. The loan helps facilitate access to financing from your bank.

/ About loans

Your company or farm can be granted a loan as part of an expansion plan or in connection with transferring company ownership. You might need financing in order to:

  • invest in new production facilities
  • cultivate new markets
  • take over and further develop an existing firm
  • convert to "greener" production methods or introduce resource-saving products.

A loan is granted directly to the company orfarm by The Danish Growth Fund and is an integral part of a complete financing solution that includes financing from banks and other financial institutions. 

The mininum threshold for a loan is DKK 1 million and it is subordinated in relation to your bank loan. Should your company/farm unfortunately fall into liquidation or bankruptcy, our losses will only be covered after the other senior debt holders in the hierarchy of creditors have been paid.

/ Who can apply?

Our loans are targeted at established small and medium sized enterpises as well as farmers. In order to be eligible for a loan, the company seeking the loan must be economically and mangerially sound.

In order to apply for a loan, your company or farm must:

  • have a maximum of 250 employees
  • a turnover of under DKK 372 million or a balance under DKK 320 million
  • be independent of larger companies.

We particularly emphasize:

  • that the company/farm's collateral is insufficient to obtain full financing from your bank
  • the company/farm can demonstrate a solid development of accounts over the past few years
  • the loan will be part of a complete financing solution that includes financing from banks and other lenders
  • the minimum amount of the loan is DKK 1 million.

/ Price

The price of the loan consists of:

  • a transaction fee* + 0.5 pct. of the amount borrowed.
  • an individual interest rate, which will typically be a few percentage points higher than the bank’s interest rate, as The Danish Growth Fund runs a higher risk. The interest is determined after a thorough credit and risk assessment.
*The transaction fee is determined by the loan amount. The transaction fee is DKK 20,000 for loans between DKK 1-1,5 mio., DKK 30,000 for loans between DKK 1,5-2 mio. and DKK 40,000 for loans > 2 mio.


If the loan is paid off after the first 24 months of the duration of the loan, the company/farm only has to pay interest until the end of the calendar quarter.

The duration of the loan will as a rule follow the expected lifetime of the assets.

/ Process

If you want to apply for or learn more about our loans, please contact one of our advisors. Their contact information can be found in the side boxes.

The loans are supported by the InnovFin SME Guarantees Facility, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments. Read more at



Do you need a guarantee or a leasing agreement? Is your collateral insufficient to obtain an agreement in your bank, guarantee institute or in your leasing company? Then we can provide you with guarantees based on the same principles as our loans. You can e.g. get a contract guarantee or a guarantee for a machine at a leasing company.

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