Venture capital from our partners

As a company, you can seek out venture capital from one of the funds, The Danish Growth Fund has invested in. Find a fund that matches your company.

VF Fonde contributes to the establishment of funds with an investment focus on unlisted small and medium-sized entreprises with growth potential. We require that the capital we provide is invested in Danish companies.

Our objective is to attract capital and expertise to promising market segments and thereby contribute to establishing the most well-functioning market for venture capital in Europe. 

We invest in funds based on one of our three objectives: 

  • Innovation: Establishment of new investment units 
  • Continuation: Investment in existing investment units 
  • Development: Streamlining in the market, i.e. merging of existing investment units 

The current portfolio consists of 24 funds to whom we have committed a total of DKK 4.4 billion. The funds manage more than DKK 11 billiion and have invested in more than 150 companies.

Does your company seek capital? 

If you are interested in raising capital for your company, you must approach the funds directly. On the funds' homepages you can read more about their profiles and investment criteria and find the right fund for your company and its growth potential. 

See The Danish Growth Fund's portfolio of funds here