Solvency loans aimed at financial institutions

If your client’s company has been affected by COVID-19, it can be quite the chal-lenge to utilize the growth potential in the market. If your client needs capital to continue to grow their company, the solvency loan could be part of the solution along with new financing from your financial institution.

The solvency loan is characterized by being subordinated to the applying financial institution and can, thus, act as a lever for securing additional financing to unleash the client’s growth potential.

The solvency loan is a partly self-serviced solution, where Vaekstfonden looks more heavily at the credit rating provided by you as a financial institution prior to applying. Access to the Solvency loan is hinged upon you as the applying financial institution contributing with at least 50% of the total financial solution. The co-financing can also be covered with a guarantee.

The financial institution will apply for the solvency loan on behalf of the company. It will take roughly 5 bank days from having applied for the solvency loan until Vaekstfonden will have processed and replied to the application.