EAF Denmark - business angel matching fund

In collaboration with European Angels Fund Denmark (EAF Denmark), and the European Investment Fund (EIF), Vaekstfonden gives skilled Danish business angels the opportunity of matching their investments in Danish startup and growth companies with additional capital.

EAF Denmark is a business angel matching fund investing in Danish startup and growth companies in collaboration with Danish business angels. The aim of EAF Denmark is to contribute to the overall reach of Danish business angel investments and increase the supply of risk capital on the Danish market.

If you would like to apply for affiliation with EAF Denmark as a business angel

To be approved for the business angel matching loan, you need to demonstrate and document adequate experience in the relevant investment segment, a successful track record, good deal-flow, and the financial capacity necessary for investment.

If you would like to hear more about the fund and your options, please contact Investment Director Ole Hauskov, via telephone: +45 20 28 16 44 or email: oha@vf.dk.