Early Engagement

Early Engagement is a convertible loan specifically targeted at young entrepreneurial enterprises that are venture-friendly in the long run. This means companies with great scaling potential in the global market. The Early Engegement loan can be cros ...

Start loans

Start loans are aimed at young entrepreneurial enterprises offering a fully developed product, high growth potential, and their first customer pipeline.

Business angel matching loan

A business angel matching loan is one of the avenues offered by Vaekstfonden and aimed at ensuring risk capital for young Danish entrepreneurial enterprises. The credit line is designed as an ancillary loan from Vaekstfonden to a loan from a business ...

Loans for entrepreneurs

For a young company that has products and customers but whose short existence makes it difficult to secure financing to accelerate growth.

Guarantees for Loans

Facilitates access to bank financing for a loan of less than DKK 2 million. Covers up to 75 pct. of the bank's risk.


For an established business that needs to borrow more than DKK 1 million to realise your growth plans or a change of ownership. The loan will facilitate access to bank financing.


In case of insufficient security to acquire an ordinary bank guarantee or leasing deal.

Subordinated loans

When you need to strengthen your equity position and improve your stability in order to finance your growth plans. An option with flexibility may be a new investor.

European Angels Fund Denmark (EAF Denmark)

Through European Angels Fund Denmark (EAF Denmark), Vaekstfonden and the European Investment Fund (EIF) can match the investments from selected Danish business angels and increase the available amount of capital for Danish startup and growth companie ...

Venture Debt

The venture debt product is a loan for mature startups, who already have obtained equity funding from a venture capital fund.

COVID-19 guarantee for large companies

If your company’s earnings have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Vaekstfonden can guarantee loans or credit from a bank to cover your revenue loss. The guarantee functions as surety for the bank and thereby eases your access to the required fi ...

COVID-19 guarantee SMEs

If your company’s earnings have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Vaekstfonden can guarantee new loans or operating credit facilities from your bank, thereby giving you easier access to the necessary financing.

Solvency loans

If your company has been affected by COVID-19, it can be quite the challenge to utilize the growth potential in the market. With lower earnings it can be difficult to obtain capital in order to grow your company. If you need capital to continue to gr ...

Equity directly from Vaekstfonden

Vaekstfonden makes equity investments in Danish companies with a track record as well as in young entrepreneurial, innovative enterprises with an ambition for global growth.