Tax Policy

Annual report

It is crucial to Vaekstfonden that the companies and fund managers we invest in and cooperate with pay the tax to which they are liable.

Vaekstfonden's tax policy describes the general guidelines, expectations and principles for Vaekstfonden's actions in relation to tax. The tax policy is updated at least once a year by the Board of Directors.

Vaekstfonden’s tax policy

The guiding principles for Vaekstfonden's tax policy are orderliness and openness.

For Vaekstfonden, it is crucial that business partners pay the tax to which they are obliged. By business partners is meant the companies, fund managers, suppliers, etc., for which Vaekstfonden provides financing, invests in and collaborates with.

Vaesktfonden has zero tolerance for tax evasion. All forms of fraud will be reported immediately to the relevant authorities, and Vaekstfonden will end all future collaboration with the particular partner, company or foundation, regardless of whether this is Danish or foreign.

Vaekstfonden does not participate in tax speculation or tax evasion and expects the same from all partners and companies that Vaekstfonden finances.

Vaekstfonden always acts as a responsible partner and investor.

Vaekstfonden expects partners to comply with the current tax laws (as well as related legislation, including money laundering legislation) in the countries in which they operate business, and to comply with the international principles for taxation devopled by the OECD.

Vaekstfonden expects partners to exhibit responsible tax practices in all the countries in which they operate.

If Vaekstfonden becomes aware that a business partner is acting in violation to the above principles, Vaekstfonden will initiate a dialogue with the business partner aiming to change the behavior. If the partner does not willingly enter the dialogue or is not willing to change behavior, Vaekstfonden will end all future collaboration.

Vaekstfonden acts with full openness towards the Danish tax authorities. Vaekstfonden generally wants to be open about tax areas and will also encourage others to be open in relation to tax issues. Vaekstfonden thus strives to be a responsible company that bases its business on a responsible tax practice.