Partnership and knowledge

Kids solving a case

We continuously make available our exceptional competencies and network in partnership and collaboration, for the general benefit of sustainability in our society. Furthermore, we continuously compile analyses, often in collaboration with others, about developments in the financial markets and about trends in the part of the market that we deal in. We also measure our own effectiveness. We make these analyses available to all.

Partnerships – Mind your own business

Vaekstfonden's employees have unique knowledge about growth for entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses. We utilise that knowledge wherever relevant and possible. We are therefore a mentor company for micro companies through the "Mind your own business" programme, for which we have been a partner since 2016.

Mind your own business is a development programme for ethnic minorities between the ages of 13 and 17. Boys, typically from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, have the opportunity to strengthen their social and professional competencies by participating in MYOB and becoming entrepreneurs. They can also gain access to the educational system and the job market. In small groups, they start micro businesses that either produce and sell a product or produce a sizeable event. Each micro business receives a dedicated voluntary venture pilot from the civil society as well as a mentor company. Vaekstfonden's role is to be a mentor company for a micro business for 8 weeks.

Partnerships - Welcome Home

Welcome Home is an organization that helps veterans bring their military skills and experience into play in a business world. Vaekstfonden has active mentors in the Welcome Home program who supports the veteran's transition from military to civilian labor market.

Knowledge about growth analyses

At Vaekstfonden, we continuously compile analyses that are relevant for companies as well as collaboration partners in our target market. We share these analyses with the outside world by putting them on our website, so anyone may have access to that knowledge. We share our knowledge in order to contribute to building a sound ecosystem for growth and development that will benefit society. We also wish to document our efforts.